ZWAARSTE 2015Je kan ook dit jaar weer je stem uitbrengen voor De Zwaarste Lijst en uiteraard zouden we jullie graag willen oproepen om ook nu weer samen met ons te proberen om ‘FULL MOON’S EYES’ in de lijst te krijgen. Het heeft weinig zin als iedereen eigenzinnig stemt op een ander liedje, dus graag allemaal samen ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’ selecteren in de keuzelijst. De link om dat te doen vind je hier:
Door deel te nemen maak je meteen ook kans om de nieuwe dubbel-cd van De Zwaarste Lijst te winnen, waar OSTROGOTH ook op terug te vinden is met… jawel, ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’. Zie…/dedubbelcdvandezwaarstelijstiser

‘Last Tribe Standing’ Press Reviews


Of course we were very curious to hear what the press thought of ‘Last Tribe Standing’ and the resurrection of Ostrogoth. So we are very pleased that the reviews are all particularly favorable. Click here to read the interviews for the ‘Last Tribe Standing’ campaign and several album reviews in Dutch, English, German and French…. Enjoy the read:


Finally, the wait is over! ‘Last Tribe Standing’ was released on January 23rd, 2015, both on CD and vinyl, through Belgian cult label Empire Records. ‘Last Tribe Standing’ is the first official Ostrogoth release since 1987 and contains 4 new studio recordings and 4 live tracks recorded in the summer of 2014.

Ostrogoth promo pic by Hans Van Hoof 2014

At first the idea was to release a 4-track EP with new material, just like we did back in 1983 with our ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’ debut. Not a full album, just an EP with four killer songs. But a few days before we entered the studio to record the new tracks, we were listening to the tapes of some summer festival shows we had recorded earlier that year, solely for our own archives. The recordings were raw and 100% live, but the tapes sounded so good, it would’ve been a shame not to use them. So grew the idea to release two EP’s, back to back. With the four new songs on the A-side of the vinyl version and on the B-side the four songs from the ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’ EP, in a 2014 live version, the way the current line-up plays these songs today. Old and new gathered in one.”

‘Last Tribe Standing’ was produced by guitarist Dario Frodo and mixing engineer Pete Mush and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Amaranthe, Evergrey, Pretty Maids). The artwork for ‘Last Tribe Standing’ was created by the talented Velio Josto from Italy.
As a tribute to the early days the band decided to reuse the original logo that was only featured on the 1983 debut ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’.

Recording Line-up
Mario ‘Grizzly’ Pauwels – Drums
Rudy ‘Whiteshark’ Vercruysse – Guitars
Dario Frodo – Guitars & backing vocals
Josey Hindrix – Lead & backing vocals
Stripe – Bass & backing vocals


1. No Risk Taken (5.49)
2. Clouds (4.00)
3. Retun To The Heroes Museum (4.43)
4. Last Tribe Standing (6.25)
5. Heroes Museum (Live) (4.17)
6. Full Moon’s Eyes (Live) (4.41)
7. Paris By Night (Live) (6.12)
8. Rock Fever (Live) (4.30)

Total playing time: 40.40

Album credits
No Risk Taken (music: Frodo / lyrics: Frodo)
Clouds (music: Frodo, Vercruysse / lyrics: Hindrix)
Retun To The Heroes Museum (music: Frodo / lyrics: Frodo, Hindrix)
Last Tribe Standing (music: Frodo, Vercruysse, Pauwels / lyrics: Hindrix)
All studiotracks arranged by Pauwels/Vercruysse/Frodo/Hindrix

Recorded & mixed at Mushroom Studios, Belgium, September 2014
Live tracks recorded on the 2014 Summer Festival Tour
Engineered and mixed by Pete Mush
Produced by Pete Mush & Dario Frodo
Mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios, Denmark, October 2014 ( / Artwork by Velio Josto  (


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The summer of 2014 brought devastating news for guitarist Rudy ‘WhiteShark’ Vercruysse who was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer. Although the situation was very serious, there was initially an estimated life expectancy of two years. WhiteShark started chemotherapy and was able to play the summer festival shows. He was also present for the recordings of ‘Last Tribe Standing’, in September 2014. But with the chemotherapy not giving the expected result, the situation escalated fast, and the cancer was getting more grip on WhiteShark’s body. Early December 2014, the doctors had to bring down drastically the earlier life expectancy of two years to “a few weeks”.
On December 6th, Sharky gave everything he had to put on a great show, when Ostrogoth played a sold out Belgian headline club show, in Wippelgem, but it would be his last ever live show. WhiteShark died less than a month later, on January 3rd 2015, at age 59.

Geert & Rudi

Pragmatic and realistic as he was, WhiteShark had a scenario for the future from the day he was diagnosed with cancer. Ostrogoth never had to organize auditions to start looking for another guitarist. From day one WhiteShark told the rest of the band “I want Geert Annys to be my successor… when the time comes.” In the ‘80s Geert was part of Belgian bands Stainless Steel, Thunderfire and Universe and shared the stage many times with Ostrogoth. He also spent some time in Neo-Prophet several years ago, but Geert is best known for his work on the debut album from Belgium’s melodic hard rock band Mystery.
Geert will play his first show with Ostrogoth at the ‘Last Tribe Standing’ CD-presentation show in Kortrijk, on March 7th, 2015.

Pictures © Tim Tronckoe, 2014