Both ROCK HARD Magazine and DEAF FOREVER Magazine have published excellent reviews of the OSTROGOTH performance at METAL ASSAULT, in Germany, last February. Rock Hard and Deaf Forever are Germany’s biggest printed magazines on heavy rock. Both magazines are on sale now in bookstores all over Germany and elsewhere in Europe.RHDF


TYMAThe first show of the ‘Ecstasy And Danger Revisited’ tour kicked off with a bang at Metal Assault in Würzburg, Germany, with an amazing crowd reaction and fans travelling from as far as Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain and the UK to see the band for the first time! You guys are the best!


Ecstasy and Danger Revisited Art

Yes, 2017 will be pretty exciting. Not only will we be looking to the future by making a new record, at the same time we will also be revisiting the past, by bringing our debut album ‘Ecstasy And Danger’ live, in its entirety, for the first time since 1984!
‘Ecstasy and Danger’ contains several classics tunes, like the 8-minute long opening track ‘Queen of Desire’, ‘Scream Out’, and the pounding title track ‘Ecstasy and Danger’, songs that are often featured in our live set. But other tracks haven’t been played in a while now and songs like ‘Stormbringer’ and ‘A Bitch Again’ haven’t been performed live since 1984, since the touring campaing for the ‘Ecstacy and Danger’ album, 32 years ago.

When editor in chief Metal Mike reviewed the album for Dutch Aardschok magazine, back in January 1984, he wrote “Ecstasy and Danger is the best hard rock album any Belgian band has ever produced, so far” and he gave the album a blistering score of 9/10.
When Jeff Wagner reviewed the album for British Iron Fist magazine in 2014 he wrote “‘Queen of Desire’ is the best song they would ever write, a terrific 8 minutes, packed to the gills with events. It reeks of 70′s era Judas Priest, except for the balladic middle section, which recalls the ethereal moments – ‘Remember Tomorrow’, ‘Strange World’ – from that first Iron Maiden album” and he concluded with the words “a formidale set of songs, each having something tasty to chew on”.
Both editors were spot on with their words. ‘Ecstasy and Danger’ has proven to be a classic 80′s hard rock album and a fan favorite, together with the legendary EP ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’, released one year earlier in 1983.

‘Ecstasy and Danger’ tracklisting:
- Queen of Desire
- Ecstasy and Danger
- A Bitch Again
- Stormbringer
- Scream Out
- Lords of Thunder
- The New Generation
- Do It Right

All 2017 live shows will feature an old school set with the entire ‘Ecstasy and Danger’ album, plus additional classic tunes from the early days.
The first live shows for 2017 will be announced very soon.
Original Ecstasy and Danger artwork by Eric Philippe.


eekloLast Friday we played the last of three Belgian summer shows for this year and what a great reception, with no less than 1800 people showing up for this outdoor show with Rotting Christ and Powerstroke. A great turnout with people coming all the way from France, Ireland and Germany and many familiar faces in the crowd. Great crowd, great hospitality, top-notch organisation!
Picture courtesy of photographer Michel Wijne (Het Nieuwsblad). Check out his entire series of pictures here: http://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/blmwi_02424898?pid=5773782



HOA FB CROWDBack from a great weekend in the North of Germany for Headbangers Open Air, the biggest and definitely coolest garden party in the world. With friends and fans attending literally from all over the globe. Very cool to be rocking out on stage and seeing friends from the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Bosnia, Sweden, and of course Belgium, all rocking out front row.



HOA PLATThe Headbangers Open Air Festival show, in Brande-Hornerkirchen, Germany, is coming soon. A great outdoor festival with Armored Saint, Saced Reich, Ross The Boss, Q5, Angel Witch, Holy Moses, Vardis, Bonfire, Trespass, Tytan and many more… OSTROGOTH will be on stage on Friday, July 29th, for a 60-minute set, from from 16:40 till 17:40, to be followed by a meet and greet & signing session, that same evening, at 20:30. Set the garden on fire!

FESTIVAL WEBSITE: http://veranstalter.wix.com/h-o-a
FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/533387880147611/




Deaf Forever July-August 2016Check out the new July-August issue from DEAF FOREVER magazine in Germany, with a 20-page special about European Metal in the period 1979-1983, including a ful page OSTROGOTH interview with Mario ‘Grizzly’ Pauwels, about the early years of the band, and a review of the ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’ EP.
On sale now, at all stores where you can buy music magazines (at least in Germany) or online here:


Ostrogoth Band 2016

Founding member Mario ‘Grizzly’ Pauwels (drums) and long time band members Dario Frodo (guitars), Josey Hindrix (vocals) and Stripe (bass) welcome guitarist TOM TAS into their ranks.
Tom is a 34-year old, hard working, professional musician, who has already been performing for several years with his other bands 23 Acez, Quantum Fantay and Neo-Prophet.
After the summer, Tom will also be joining the band in the studio, to start recording Ostrogoth’s next full length studio album, scheduled for release, late fall 2017.
Tom Tas: “Being a big Ostrogoth fan myself, for many years now, it’s an honour for me to be invited to play with these legendary Belgian Metal warriors, and I am greatly looking forward to join the band both on stage and in the studio”.
Come and see the new line-up during the upcoming summer festival shows in Belgium, Germany and France.
Picture by photographer Hans Van Hoof, May 2016.
From left to right: Tom Tas, Dario Frodo, Mario Pauwels, Stripe, Josey Hindrix.



One year ago, today, WhiteShark lost his battle to cancer. A good moment to remember, not only Whiteshark, but also Pierke and Sphinx, Ostrogoth’s two other six stringers who are no longer amongst us.
Jean-Pierre ‘Pierke” Dekeghel was Ostrogoth’s very first guitarist from 1980 to 1981. Pre-Full Moon’s Eyes.
Hans ‘Sphinx’ Vandekerckhove replaced Pierke in 1981 and was in the band for the classic recordings ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’, ‘Ecstacy and Danger’ and ‘Too Hot’.
Rudy ‘WhiteShark’ Vercruyssse joined in 1982 and was the only guitarist present for all the band’s recordings, from 1983′s ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’ until the last recordings for ‘Last Tribe Standing’, late 2014.
Gone, but not forgotten. \m/