Ostrogoth new Line up

New Ostrogoth line-up

Ostrogoth is proud to announce the new line-up with original members Mario ‘Grizzly” Pauwels on drums and Rudy ‘White Shark’ Vercruysse on guitar, joined by singer Josey Hindrix, guitarist Dario Frodo and new bass player STRIPE, who replaces the recently departed Bronco. The new line-up can be seen live for the very first time this weekend, performing in Germany, Austria and Italy and will have its Belgian premiere next week in Kortrijk.
From left to right: Dario Frodo (guitar), Rudy Vercruysse (guitar), Josey Hindrix (vocals), Mario Pauwels (drums), Stripe (bass).

2014 European tour dates:
April 4: Rock Café Kiss, Hechingen (Germany)
April 5: Live Stage, Innsbruck (Austria)
April 6: Blue Rose Saloon, Milano (Italy)
April 12: De Kreun, Kortrijk (Belgium)
May 9: Puntpop, Wuustwezel (Belgium)
May 11: Kyttaro Live Club, Athens (Greece)
June 7: Heavy Sound Festival, Poperinge (Belgium)
June 7: Summerrock, Aalst (Belgium)
June 26: Graspop, Dessel (Belgium)
September 13: Sword Brothers Festival, Juz Andernach (Germany)
September 20: Rock Balegem, Balegem (Belgium)
More dates to be announced

Photo credit: Bruno Dyserinck

Bronco leaves Ostrogoth!


PRESS RELEASE 31/03/2014

Co–founder and bass player Marnix “Bronco” Van de Kauter decided to leave Ostrogoth. His decision was a hard one to take, but the heavy touring schedule for 2014/2015 – which will only increase with a new album scheduled for release January 2015 – are causing a conflict with Bronco’s personal life.

Here is Bronco’s personal statement:
“It is with deep regret that I am announcing my departure from Ostrogoth. I have made this decision after a hard and long deliberation with myself and the rest of the band members. The growing interest Ostrogoth has generated over the last few years has been very rewarding, but has also put a strain on my personal life. The time and effort that needs to be put into playing and writing in a band
is more than I can deliver, at this moment in my life. Therefore I have decided to step aside and let the band – which I helped found and have always and will always support – grow further.”

Ostrogoth wishes to thank Bronco for all the years of hard work, pumping that bass during the writing process of ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’ (1983), ‘Ecstacy And Danger’ (1984) and ‘Too Hot’ (1985) and the many club tours in Belgium and abroad. 2010 was the year of the second reunion for Ostrogoth and Bronco stood by his tribe, till time told him to take a break. We will always remember Bronco as our thunderbass warrior, during long, musical battles. We know Bronco will stay near us and help us out when necessary. This is not a goodbye, but rather a “see you later…”

Ostrogoth and Bronco’s successor worked hard in recent weeks and are ready to start next week’s concert series with shows in Germany, Austria, Italy and Belgium. The new line-up will be announced this week.

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Photo Collage by Bruno Dyserinck